This book is not about church doctrine but it is about the battle between good and evil, the battle that all must contend with daily. This book will lead you to a better understanding of your Creator who loved you so much that He was willing to give you the freedom to love Him in return or to reject Him altogether.This rejection is at the core of the battle that has been raging for centuries and will soon come to an end. We pray that you will be blessed, as have many others, and that you will gain a better understanding of why this battle affects every being that has and will ever live on the face of the earth.

Thank You

For your interest in learning
why you received this book,

"The Great Controversy"

You may be asking, "Who sent it", "Will I receive a bill?",
"Who is the author?", "What can I learn from reading this book?"

This book was not written or sent to condemn anyone but to warn everyone about the deception used by powers to take away our liberties. It was no accident that you have received this free book and you will not receive a bill. It was sent by someone who cares for you. They want you to know about the coming storm and the challenges everyone is going to face. It is always best to love our neighbors above ourselves. Without the exercise of this love, the highest profession of faith is mere hypocrisy. The goal is only to enlighten people of a major storm that is brewing and the serious developments taking place. The wails of sorrow are heard from all around us. Take courage, for this book will help answer your life's questions.

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